Trade Finance

Global trade continues to grow. Sustainable economic growth is being driven forward, particularly in emerging economies, in the areas of infrastructure, renewable energies, mechanical engineering and construction, healthcare, food and pharmaceuticals.

Geschäftsführung der DF Deutsche Forfait

DF Deutsche Forfait is making a contribution to the further development of these areas. Our products are based on financing but also on hedging foreign trade receivables – primarily in the target regions of the Middle East.

In this context, we draw on our many years of experience in compliance as well as on our know-how and broad network. Our customers benefit from our financing solutions which are individually adapted to the scale of the project as well as to the target regions.


As a leading instrument for foreign trade financing, the instrument of factoring offers our partners maximum flexibility.

A distinction is made here as to whether the claim is transferred with recourse or without recourse. DF Deutsche Forfait Group offers both options exclusively through its branch in Prague. By choosing this form of financing, the customer receives short-term liquidity and, depending on the individual contract structure, avoids a large part of the receivables risks.

*This product is not aimed at customers based in Germany.



Another leading and proven instrument in foreign trade financing is the forfaiting business.

DF Deutsche Forfait purchases the individual and already existing receivables, thus assuming the economic and political risks. This form of non-recourse financing of foreign trade receivables, such as letters of credit or guaranteed bills of exchange, helps, among other things, to improve the exporter’s liquidity and to outsource any risks. It is provided by our team in Cologne.

Purchase commitments

Foreign trade is becoming increasingly important due to advancing globalisation, especially in emerging economies.

In this context, exporters often find themselves exposed to economic and political risks in the respective target country, which they are unable to manage. DF Deutsche Forfait helps its customers minimise the potential risks without financing the receivable. In such cases, many years of expertise as well as careful compliance checks play a major role in being able to offer our customers the best solution.

*This product is not aimed at customers based in Germany.

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Marketing service

The imposition of US or EU sanctions can make trading with companies in the Middle East more difficult for those involved.

In the Marketing Service, after carrying out its own compliance checks and thus taking existing sanctions into account, DF Deutsche Forfait Group arranges transactions from the food and medical sectors with strategic business partners.

In this area too, importers and exporters can rely on DF Deutsche Forfait Group's in-depth knowledge, experience and extensive network.