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Due to the increased number of crises worldwide and the resulting growth of uncertainty, there is a brisk demand for hedging and trade financing. At the same time, exporters are now more than ever in competition for new clients and the access to new growth markets.

Forfaiting offers an optimal opportunity to guarantee liquidity inflow as well as counterparty and political risk securementn. Hereby, DF Group buys trade receivables from exporters and thus minimises the financial risk.

In addition, DF Group offers its clients professional support in connection with their foreign trade business, such as structuring their transactions or formulating payment instruments.

Furthermore, we have international expertise, long-standing contacts and partnerships and can provide you with a suitable individual financing partner and subsequently supervise the transaction processing in your interest.

Feel free to contact us about possible forfaiting solutions for your company.

You would like to import goods from abroad and can provide a guarantee from your local bank as collateral? You do not want to pay for the goods upon delivery but at a later date - e.g. in one year’s time?

Then we have the right solution for you. We will jointly find out what payment terms and arrangements are available and what costs will be incurred. We will advise you on the required documentation while taking your legal requirements and your supplier’s terms and conditions into account. Upon request, our multi-lingual specialists will assist you in the negotiations with your supplier abroad. And, last but not least, we will finance your import transaction if the agreed conditions are met.

Please don't hesitate to contact us concerning possible forfaiting solutions for your company.
You want to offer your foreign customers payment terms without impairing your cash flow? You want to protect your liquidity and not carry unknown country risks on your balance sheet? You have won a new customer or closed your first transaction in a new market?

We offer exporters an initial risk assessment and recommend a maximum credit term including indicative pricing. We develop proposals for the optimum structure of the transaction and provide the required documentation. If desired, we will also be pleased to talk directly to your foreign customer in order to agree attractive financing terms. In addition, we can hedge the risk and finance the transaction by purchasing the receivable on a non-recourse basis.

Please don't hesitate to contact us concerning possible forfaiting solutions for your company.


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