We are a well-established provider of trade finance solutions and have successfully operated in the market since 2000. Our activity focuses on assisting export-oriented enterprises in global trade, especially with clients in emerging and developing countries. The regional focus of our activities is the Middle East. For this purpose, we offer the non-recourse purchase and sale of foreign trade receivables (forfaiting), purchase commitments and brokerage of trade financing or purchase commitments. The latter is, like the collection of trade receivables, part of our commission business. With this broad range of services, we often make cross-border trade possible in the first place.

Advantages of forfaiting for the exporter:

• Quick inflow of liquidity
• Risk transfer
• Improved balance sheet structure
• Focus on core activity
• Support in entering new markets

International Expertise

DF Deutsche Forfait Group offers international expertise that provides the Group with direct access to customers as well as…

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Products & solutions

When doing business with emerging markets, exporters frequently have to offer extended payment terms

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