DF Deutsche Forfait AG postpones Annual General Meeting 2022

Grünwald, 30 May 2022 - DF Deutsche Forfait AG will postpone the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 28 June 2022 in Cologne to a later date due to a formally required amendment to the 2021 annual financial statements.

Due to the positive business development in the past financial year, the company will again re-port a net profit in the 2021 annual financial statements for the first time. Pursuant to § 150 para. 2 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), an amount of 5% of the net profit must be allo-cated to the statutory reserve and is therefore not at the disposal of the Annual General Meeting. The allocation to the legal reserve was inadvertently omitted from the 2021 annual financial state-ments and must now be made. The correction of the annual financial statement is made exclu-sively for formal reasons and only affects the balance sheet classification of the equity capital. The net assets, financial position and results of operations of the company remain unchanged as a result.

"Nevertheless, a postponement of our Annual General Meeting cannot be avoided. We hope that this will not cause any inconvenience to our shareholders, and we are looking forward to the per-sonal exchange with them that will take place soon," says Executive Board member Hans-Joachim von Wartenberg.

The company will hold the Annual General Meeting within the first eight months of the current fi-nancial year and announce the new date for the 2022 Annual General Meeting as soon as possi-ble.

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