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We create Room to manoeuvre for exporters

When doing business with emerging markets, exporters frequently have to offer extended payment terms in order to secure orders against international competition. The resulting trade receivables reduce liquidity and entail operational and financial risks. This is where DF Group’s financing solutions come in.

By purchasing import and export receivables on a non-recourse basis or hedging them or by finding the suitable financing partner, we provide enterprises with a quick inflow of liquidity as well as effective risk transfer and payment protection.

In this context, our clients benefit from our long-standing expertise in dealing with trading partners from emerging markets, especially in the Middle East. At the same time, we sell individual receivables to banks or to investors, who invest in trade receivables in order to complement their portfolios.


You want to secure a foreign trade receivable and an immediate inflow of liquidity?

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You have sufficient liquidity, but want to cover the political and economic risk of your claim?

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You know the risk and need support in collecting your receivables? You are looking for a suitable financing partner, e.g. for larger infrastructure projects?

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